Date: Saturday, January 12, 2013
Teacher: Acharya Emily Bower
Price per person: $20.00

Ngondro talks (with Q&A) are offered online every other month through May. These talks can provide the required study component within a centre or group’s weekend Ngondro practice intensive.

"Impermanence: Embracing Reality"

"I have a choice: pretend that this truth is not happening, or dive into the golden lake of honesty and become enriched by accurate thinking."

In this session, we'll contemplate and discuss the meaning of outrageousness in the context of our Ngondro practice. How does accepting the truth of impermanence and death through "accurate thinking" enrich us? How does it feel to explore the ways in which our thinking about our situation and our future is inaccurate? We'll discuss and contemplate these essential aspects of Ngondro practice--bringing forth the joy and inspiration of our practice.

PREREQUISITE: Limited to Shambhala Vajrayana students.

Participation with your centre or group is recommended, however, individuals are also welcome to attend.

REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per person. Please contact us to inquire about our generosity policy.

A "heart gfit" may be offered here.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: A computer with a wired, high-speed internet connection.

NOTE: Recordings are made over the internet. Their quality cannot be guaranteed.