Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche's Address to the Pillar of Government

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: $10.00

This is the second of 3 online teachings preceding the Three Pillar Leadership Retreat with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche May 16-19.  These talks are intended to prepare the ground for the teachings presented within the retreat. They are strongly recommended for all participants but are not, however, a requirement to attend the retreat.

People serving in all roles related to the Pillar of Governance are invited to attend this address: The Kalapa Council; Sakyong Ladrang; Kalapa Court; Kalapa Executive; Centre Directors and Group Coordinators; all positions related to Development, Finance and Patronage: Kalapa Patrons, Shambhala Trust, Sakyong Foundation, Potrang; Culture and Decorum Representatives; Societal Health and Well-being Directors; local Shambhala Council Members; and all positions related to Publicity, Media, Communications and Technology.

Please register here and plan to arrive at 12:45pm.  Fee $10

An honorarium will be offered to the Sakyong and centers are asked to collect $10 per person. We will collect those offerings after the talk at the front desk.

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