Greetings Warriors!


As course facilitator, I want to address a few shared concerns.

One is about the course material.  Here is a copy of the information also found in the Program Information Tab about the Study Text:   The required coursebook, Entering the Vajra World, is available through Shambhala Media at this link. This will ship from Canada, so don’t delay placing your order. Shambhala Media is offering $10 off the list price of $32 if you order by May 1, 2016. Or place a group order of 5 or more copies for 40% off. Use this coupon code in the Comment Section when you place the order: ETVW-2016. The discount will be applied manually when your order is fulfilled.

A second concern is about timing, or the course schedule.  I refer you to the section Navigating this Course (Module 1, Unit 3).  Please take a moment to review these instructions written by Acharya Rockwell.  A key point is Acharya Rockwell’s suggestion that we spend a minimum of a week with each module (I’m finding I need 10-12 days for each module).  Many of you have just entered the course.  I think it’s important that you don’t feel you are “behind” and or need to rush to catch up.  Rather allow yourself the time to soak in the readings, practice as suggested, and contemplate the questions.  I’m sure when we come together on May 7th for the live Q&A session with Acharya Rockwell, we will all be at different places in our studies, and that’s fine.

Finally, thank you to those who have posted so many insightful and heartfelt comments in the discussion sections. Please continue to do so, and, for those who have yet to contribute, please join the conversation.

I look forward to seeing you online on May 7th.

-Nora Wiser  ([email protected])

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