Acharya Offerings for the Shambhala Sangha

Dharma Dialogues

Join us for a series of online forums on dharma topics for practice and study during challenging times. These are intended as dialogues and will be co-facilitated by acharyas, shastris, inclusivity warriors, and community members representing diverse viewpoints and skills. Offered free of charge.

Please register in advance for one or more of the topics listed below. Some forums are restricted according to size and/or practice level in order to create the best environment for discussion. If any of the topics develop a significant waitlist, we will try to schedule an alternative time and let you know by email.

Samaya, Terma and Lineage

Acharya Melissa Moore
August 35??? Noon EDT / 1pm Atlantic  • Open to Vajrayana students with samaya to the Sakyong
?? Size limit  ??
Explore one’s practice engagement and connection to primordial mind. This session will support authentic exploration of being samaya-bound to the Sakyong and the terma.

Women in Buddhism

Acharya Holly Gayley
Thursdays, 7pm August 30, Sept 27, Nov 1, and Dec 6  •  Open to all
This series on the stories of Women in Buddhism will explore issues of patriarchy, agency, and resilience.        ?? Size limit  ??


Navigating Uncertainty:  The Four Reliances 
Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown
From the time of the Buddha, there has been heart advice about how to work with issues of trust of the teacher and teachings. This talk draws on the tradition of the Four Reliances, from the foundations of Buddhism to the teachings of Mipham the Great (1846-1912), about how to discern what is reliable in one’s practice and path.