Aging Series 1 Talk 2 - Relating with Aging and Grief

Date: Saturday, January 19, 2013
Teacher : Emily Bower
Price per person: $15.00
Patron Price: $25.00

$10 per session if doing all 3. (Separate registrations required.)

Presented by Shambhla Online and the Working Group on Aging.

The Shambhala Working Group on Aging co-sponsors online education series that focus on growing older, “enlightened retirement”, death and dying, The format includes a presentation with a teacher, discussion, and questions.

Series Moderator: Andrea Sherman

Talk 2: “Relating with Aging and Grief”

To register for Talks 1 and 3, see our Program Library.

Talk 1: “Aging and the Arising of Wisdom” - Acharya Emerita Judy Lief

Talk 3: “The Experience of Illness in Older Age” - Ann Cason and David Whitehorn

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