Families and Children in Shambhala: Shambhala Household

Date: Saturday, August 5, 2017
Coordinator: Laura Burnham
Price per person: $10
Patron Price: $15
Price for Centers: $33
Price for Groups: $25

Growing Brave: Families and Children in Shambhala Online Series

Join us as we explore key issues surrounding Families and Children in Shambhala.
  • Saturday, August 5 at 2pm Atlantic * - Shambhala Household (Presenter to be announced)
After remarks from the featured presenter, participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with each other and interact with the speaker or panel members. A recording of this session will be available. The online Series will culminate in a physical conference at the Boulder Shambhala Center October 6-9, 2017.

About the Program

Shambhala Household: The Shambhala teachings aren't only applicable at programs. Our entire households can be created and engaged in from the view of the warrior. Family life, domesticity, and the daily grind can all be held as practice and ways to connect with the teachings. Join us for a discussion of Shambhala Household.

Presenter to be announced.

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Registration Fee $10 for Individuals, $15 for Patrons, $33 for Centers, $25 for Groups.

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