Write Now: Contemplative Writing - June 2018

Date: Friday, June 15, 2018
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Teacher : Miriam Hall
Coordinator: Miriam Hall
Price per person: $175
Patron Price: $200

An 6-week Interactive Course

Join this very special live practice­-based class with contemplative writing teacher Miriam Hall. Each week, we write from suggested prompts on our own, then share together live via Zoom video online, as well as in a private Ruzuku forum. The sharing is voluntary but allows for compassionate listening and growth in our perceptions of ourselves and our writing, as well as deep listening for others.

This class is especially focused on just getting going on, and continuing the practice of writing ­ poetry, journal entries, essays, fiction. This is a practice­-based class, to generate writing. It works easily as well for beginners as established writers. If you are interested in editing or revision, please contact Miriam for one-­on-­one mentoring or to meet with a practice group for editing.

Please note: This course has run before but in a more forum­-based way. The live-based component is new.

Live two-hour meetings wil be scheduled - dates to be announced.

Suggested books (not required)

  • Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg
    Bird by Bird
    by Anne Lamott

Course structure

  • ­Prompts shared and writing done on your own,­
  • Live two-hour meetings once a week (see dates above)
  • Online forums to support our live meetings and offer further sharing.


  • ­Establishing your own personal writing practice,
  • Practicing compassionate feedback and listening for yourself and others,
  • Playing with words, language, mind and meditation.

About the Teacher

Miriam Hall teaches contemplative arts full time, and has been an instructor in Shambhala for the last seven years. Her main focus is Contemplative Writing and Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography. She lives in Madison, WI, and teaches across North America and Europe.

About Our Courses

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Class size is limited to 10.

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