Contemplative Photography: Miksang Level 1 - April 2018

Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Teacher : Miriam Hall
Price per person: $175
Patron Price: $200

NOTE: Registration for this course has been extended to April 8.

Explore your phenomenal world through photography! This course offers you a chance to practice Miksang Photography with senior teacher Miriam Hall. Each week you'll have a different lesson, chances to post your images for feedback on social media of your choice, and live meetings with the teacher to discuss any questions that are arising.

This engaging, social, incredible practice has only been offered online in limited or non-live ways in the past. Here's your chance to study with a senior teacher and build community online with photography and mindfulness.

About the Teacher

Miriam Hall teaches contemplative arts full time, and has been an instructor in Shambhala for the last seven years. Her main focus is Contemplative Writing and Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography. She lives in Madison, WI, and teaches across North America and Europe.

Required book:
Looking and Seeing by John McQuade and Miriam Hall

Class structure

  • Course opens April 1 and closes May 15.
  • Each week has one shooting assignment (leave at least an hour to shoot in your schedule).
  • Strongly suggested reading from required book ahead of time or during class.
  • Students post their photos to social media (Facebook and Flickr preferred, but Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram also work) for comments from Miriam and students.
  • Six live one hour meetings will be scheduled once a week -- dates to be announced.
  • Must purchase Looking and Seeing book for the course.

Suggested commitment: 3 hours a week - one hour to read/contemplate, one hour to shoot, one hour to post/comment.

For further information, see, or email Miriam Hall, [email protected].

About Our Courses

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When Does the Class Meet?

This course includes six live sessions. 

Registration Options

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