Three Talks on Vajrayana Practice

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Three Talks on Vajrayana Practice


These pre-recorded talks were part of a series of talks about the Shambhala tradition presented in 2019. In this course Walker Blaine addresses three often misunderstood aspects of vajrayana practice.

  • Samaya
  • Transmission
  • Gender Principle
  • Q&A

The first talk, Samaya is an exploration of samaya from the perspective of being a student, the function of samaya, and how it is impaired and mended. Transmission examines elements in a lineage transmission, focusing on the origin of the Shambhala Buddhism and its major components. Gender Principle looks at gender in relation to the Rigden principle and in vajrayana overall.


Each class begins with the Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage and a short practice of Vajrakilaya, and concludes with Protectors of the Three Courts and the Supplication for the Longevity of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

About the Teacher

Walker Blaine has studied and practiced in the Shambhala tradition for 35 years. For the last ten years, his primary focus has been the support of vajrayana aspects of the Shambhala path through writing, composition of ritual instructions, program support, overseeing transcription, assisting in Tibetan language translation, and caring for the texts and instructions of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Walker’s ebook, The Great River of Blessings, an account of the Rinchen Terdzö received by the Sakyong in the winter of 2008-2009, can be downloaded here. His two CDs of Buddhist music can be sampled on iTunes. In 2016 he premiered a five-act Shambhala comedy, Norbu and the Mystery of the Missing Ratna. He lives with his wife Patricia and their son Griffin Arrow in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
This course is asynchronous and may be taken at your own pace. We recommend keeping a regular schedule as you move through the material.

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