Sharing Shambhala Part 1: Listening to Ourselves and Each Other

Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021
Coordinator: Naoko Kojima
Contact person: Sue Gilman

How can we share Shambhala with sangha members who have different relationships with the Sakyong than we do? Only we, the members of the Shambhala sangha, can decide how we will be together, and what we decide will profoundly shape the future of our community.

To make such choices with awareness, we need to understand and express our own feelings and concerns, and we need to fully hear the feelings and concerns of others who hold different views. This two-part Community Conversations series provides a space for us to speak, listen, and hear one another across our differences.

Sharing Shambhala Part 1

In Sharing Shambhala Part 1, hosted beginning in October, we will start in three separate groups, defined by current practice relationship with the Sakyong:

  1. Community members currently studying with the Sakyong.
  2. Community members not currently studying with the Sakyong.
  3. Community members unsure about their practice relationship with the Sakyong.

You will have an opportunity to join the group where you will feel most supported both in expressing your views and hearing the views of others. In these small groups, we will explore our needs and heart-wishes for our continuing relationship to Shambhala. Each small group will produce a short statement describing the variety of views and aspirations within it.

We will then come together in one large group to share these aspirations, and listen fully to others’. We will allow these expressions to resonate, and close with appreciation.

Sharing Shambhala Part 2

In Sharing Shambhala Part 2, hosted beginning in November, we will discuss what we have learned from the statements we gather from the Sharing Shambhala Part 1 conversations, and look for shared insights and directions as we move forward together within Shambhala. We will end this second conversation by identifying constructive personal and community steps that we can take in light of what we have discovered. 

Participants in Sharing Shambhala Part 1 will receive personal invitations to participate in Sharing Shambhala Part 2. Part 2 conversations will also be open to the entire community.

90 minutes, beginning at:

North America: 4:00 PM PDT, 5:00 PM MDT, 6:00 PM CDT, 7:00 PM EDT/CLT, 8:00 PM  Atlantic

International: 21:00h  Brazil, 00:00h  BST,  01:00 +1 CEST, 10:00 AM  +1 AEST, 12:00 PM +1 NZST

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