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Heart Gift / Regalo de corazón

If you are so inspired, you are welcome to give a heart gift to Acharya Pongracz. Many of our teachers have dedicated their lives to studying and teaching the Shambhala Dharma. Your gifts of appreciation and love help them continue to guide us along the path.

To give, go to and scroll down toAcharya Pongracz’s photo and name and follow the instructions.


Si se siente inspirado, puede entregar un regalo de corazón al acharya Pongracz. Muchos profesores nuestros han dedicado su vida a estudiar y enseñar el dharma de Shambhala. Los regalos de agradecimiento y amor les ayudan a continuar dirigiéndonos en la senda.

Para realizar un donativo, entre en y vaya hasta la foto y el nombre del acharya Pongracz para seguir después las instrucciones que se facilitan en inglés.



SSA7: Contemplations for Talk #1

1. What are the essential differences and similarities between the SSA 6 and SSA 7 practices?

2. What are nadis? Why are there three principal nadis?  What is a chakra? How do they relate to the nadis?  Why were there only three chakras in the SSA 6 practice and now we have four chakras? Why did we wait to add this fourth one?  What are the main qualities of this fourth chakra?

3. What is prana? Why are we now practicing vase breathing, and how do we do it properly? Why do we hold the breath?

Study Groups

Photo by Bernhard Friess

A key part of this course is regular meetings with small study groups. If you attended 2017 Rigden Abhisheka, you should be already in a group. If not, the course facilitators will assist you in forming or finding a group to join.

Study groups engender deeper understanding of the material, and help us keep engaged and enthusiastic about the course. It takes a lot of discipline to stay with an online course, no matter how interesting, and doing it together makes that much easier. Study groups also provide support on the path, and it’s fun to gather with friends.

You will receive an email from the lead facilitator when each class opens with suggested study and contemplation questions for the groups. These are suggestions to inspire your time together.  Some study group guidelines can be found here (add link), and your facilitator will provide additional support.




In Profound, lungta as a profound magically transformative experience that allows us to “participate in the multi-dimensional world of Shambhala” What is your experience of this? How does this magic reveal itself in your daily life? What are the practical ways you keep connected to this magic. What are the ways you remind yourself to connect to lungta when döns are prevalent or your energy wanes?


ISM: Heart Gift

If you are so inspired, you are welcome to offer a gift to the Sakyong, or any of the course teachers. This isn’t expected or required. It can establish a real heart connection between yourself and the teachings, and it supports the ongoing activities of the teachers.

To offer, go to this link and scroll down to select the teacher you wish to thank with a gift.

Vocal Warmups with Umdze Corps Director Timothy Quigley

Both chöpöns and umdzes need to be grounded in their bodies, and able to use their voices to magnetize drala – for chöpöns, we do this often at feast when we offer the amrita and torma to the group. At the Ritual Academy the umdzes do more extensive voice training, but chöpöns begin working with  vocal exercises as well.

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