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Shambhala Online offers ways for Centers and Groups to access key teachings by Acharyas and Shastris to bolster local P&E programming. For those with limited access to teachers, or a teaching staff that is overworked, we invite you to use these resources to offer rich learning experiences to members of your community. This page is only for Centers and Groups. Individuals please register via the Upcoming Programs page.




Heart of Warriorship:  Shambhala Training Levels 1-5!

All five Shambhala Training levels being offered live online running from May 2021 until January 2022!  Each weekend is offered live.  Led by Shambhala Acharyas, this package of the complete Shambhala Training levels, is organized in a traditional format.  It’s designed for centers to facilitate for small or large groups of students. The talks included can become part of your center’s library for use in future Shambhala Training weekends.

Foundations For Freedom: The Hinayana

A year-long program of five courses co-taught by two teachers, that include both live and pre-recorded talks. Courses begin with live sessions, followed by 4 or 5 pre-recorded talks. Each course concludes with a live Q&A with both teachers. The entire course runs from April 19, 2020 through February 2021. Click here to access a document with program details (including all course dates).

The Five Keys to Mindful Communication

Learn how to use deep listening and mindful speech to strengthen relationships, heal conflicts, and accomplish your goals. Click here for more information.

Shambhala Art Part I: Coming to Your Senses

In part one of the five-part Shambhala Art curriculum, we develop meditation as the ground for all creative endeavors. Through a sequence of experiential exercise, we glimpse our capacity for spontaneous creative expression that is independent of agenda or forced cleverness. These glimpses provide the initial confidence that we can rest with ourselves and our world.  For more information click here.

The Way of Shambhala

We’re delighted to offer the full In Everyday Life series and the Basic Goodness Series that comprise the Way of Shambhala curriculum.

Pay Once, Keep Forever. Your course or series registration now carries forward for all time. Use the course or series as often as you wish! You decide when you want to offer them at your Center. (NOTE: Other courses may have an “end” date.)

Hybrid Online Learning Model for Shambhala Centers
Here’s how it works:
  • We bring in amazing Shambhala teachers via video to deliver the main content.
  • You gather together in your center or on zoom to view the teachings.
  • Engage MIs, Guides and/or Course Leaders to facilitate discussions and dyad work.
  • Use our course manuals, based on the manuals developed by the Office of Practice & Education and specifically tailored to the recorded talks.

Registration Options. Select individual courses for $300 ($200 for Groups), shown below. Or, for up to 25% savings off the individual course price, choose one of three Series options. Group pricing is also available.

  • Complete Way of Shambhala Series —
    8 Courses for $1599 ($1225 for Groups):  5 In Everyday Life courses plus, 3 Basic Goodness courses. Register here.

  • Basic Goodness Series
    3 Courses for $737 ($578 for Groups):  Who Am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human; How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society; What is Real? The Basic Goodness of Reality. Register here.

  • In Everyday Life Series
    5 Courses for $1099 ($850 for Groups): Meditation, Joy, Contentment, Fearlessness and Wisdom in Everyday Life. Register here.

Please use your Shambhala Center account to register. Click here for instructions on creating an account.

Questions? Contact Jackie Roberts, Shambhala Online Liaison for Centers and Groups at [email protected].

Everyday Life Series


Basic Goodness Series


Other Courses

White Tara:  A Soothing Practice for Difficult Times taught by Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

Six Talks On The Protector Principle And Protectors taught by Walker Blaine

Shambhala Sadhana: The Dawn of Enlightened Society taught by Noel McLellan.

An Introduction to Shambhala Meditation taught by the Sakyong and Acharyas Dale Asrael and Noel McClellan

The Three Jewels and the Refuge Vow (French version coming soon!)

Six Ways of Ruling with Richard Reoch

Shambhala Lineage Supplication course explores one of our most important chants in three 20-minute talks by Master of Liturgies to the Sakyong, Walker Blaine. 

Celebrating Goodness and Wisdom: Feast Practice in Shambhala Vajrayana with Walker Blaine.

Penetrating Wisdom: The Aspiration of Samantabhadra a course for Vajrayana students with the Dorje Loppon Lodro Dorje. This course was offered in 2020 and is now available as recordings.

See Shambhala Educator Resources for additional programs for MIs, ADs and Guides (individual registration only).

Courses in Spanish – Cursos en español.

Meditación en la vida cotidiana (CG)

Contentamiento en la vida cotidiana (CG)

Alegría en la vida cotidiana (CG)

Valentía en la vida cotidiana (CG)

Sabiduría en la vida cotidiana (CG)

Serio sobre la vida cotidiana: 5 cursos por 1099$ (850$ para grupos): Meditación, Alegría, Contentamiento, Valentía y Sabiduría en la vida cotidiana. Inscripción aquí.

Los instructores de meditación y Guías de Shambhala pueden entrar en Shambhala Educator Resources e inscribirse para obtener una versión de estudio o revisión de este curso.

Show Visitors a Glimpse of Shambhala. Feel free to use the Shambhala Open House video clips page.

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