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I hope we will do more of this. Keep up the good work. When I think about my contemplation at the start I wanted a space to open for people to be heard and wanted to appreciate the genuine exchange. We got that.

February 2021 Shambhala Community Conversation participant
These conversations cover a wide array of topics, such as:
  • Belonging and inclusion in Shambhala
  • Community conduct and protection
  • Shambhala governance
  • Our practice paths

Join us in a warrior practice of genuine conversation: listening deeply, speaking from the heart, and weaving our insights together. Each conversation will be summarized and shared with the community at large and with Shambhala’s leadership structures. See conversation summaries here.

Together we are finding our voice as a community.

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The Shambhala Well-Being Project

Governance, Leadership, Communications, and Interconnections

July 6 (Tuesday, 18:00 GMT)

July 14 (Wednesday, 23:00 GMT)

Path, Teachings, Practices, Programs and Studies

July 9 (Friday, 18:00 GMT)

July 13 (Tuesday, 23:00 GMT)

Economy, Resources and Assets

July 5 (Monday, 23:00 GMT)

July 15 (Thursday, 18:00 GMT)

Culture and Community Well-Being

July 6 (Tuesday, 23:00 GMT)

July 11 (Sunday, 16:00 GMT)

Care, Conduct and Protection

July 7 (Wednesday, 23:00 GMT)

July 10 (Saturday, 16:00 GMT)

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About Shambhala Community Conversations


These conversations are an independent initiative of the Shambhala Process Team. Our goal is to encourage personal and collective reflection, insight, and action across all facets of our community.


Each conversation is on a specific topic that is core to our health as a community. Our team will act on participants’ ongoing feedback to ensure that conversations best reflect the community’s needs, both locally and mandala-wide.


Volunteer facilitators will provide a container for an open and heartfelt meeting. We ask that you be ready to listen and share respectfully, including with others whose views differ from yours.


Our collective reflections and insights will be summarized and shared with the community at large, and with Shambhala’s leadership structures. See conversation summaries here. Conversations will include opportunities for further direct engagement based on the topic.

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