Living with Resilience: How to Become Gentle and Tough

Fleet Maull

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Meeting the demands of modern life in an increasingly complex world has been challenging for some time. Currently, however, we are beginning to experience a phenomenon called hyper-complexity driven by technology, overpopulation and a looming climate emergency, which could greatly destabilize our already fragile and unsustainable systems.

Rampant materialism, consumerism and individualism are not only creating an existential, environmental threat, but they are also tearing the very fabric of society and provoking dangerous levels of political divisiveness and economic disruption. How are we to survive, much less thrive, in these uncertain times?

In this course, we will explore strategies for increasing our reservoirs of resilience through a deeply embodied approach to mindfulness-awareness practices and mindful presence in daily living by actualizing our innate capacity for interoceptive awareness.

The course consists of five pre-recorded talks. It also includes guided meditations, contemplations and suggested readings.

Learn How To:

Become aware of the ways we sabotage our physical and mental health and resilience.

Utilize tools to work with the overwhelm inherent in our societal world.

Course Content:

  1. The Challenge: Why We Need Deep Reservoirs of Resilience

  • Modern life: Materialism, Individualism, Consumerism, Speed, Aggression
  • Social Media & Breakdowns in social Cohesion
  • Hyper Complexity: Causes & Conditions, Macro Economic/Cultural Forces
  • Climate Emergency & Social, Economic, Political Disruption
  • Possibilities of Collapse & Extinction
  1. Ownership in Service of Self-Empowerment and Resilience

  • Pain/Shame Body Identities
  • Radical Responsibility: Ownership vs. Blame
  • Empowerment Zone vs. Drama Zone
  • Shambhala Warriorship: Bravery vs. Cowardice
  1. Deep Embodiment: Mindfulness & Interoceptive Awareness

  • Mindfulness of Body
  • Interoceptive Awareness
  • Presence and Nondual Being
  • Internal Resonance Supports Healing and Resilience
  1. Heart Centered: Intersubjective Awareness

  • Shifting focus of Perception from the Head to the Heart
  • Vulnerability and Presencing Others
  • Symbiosis of Interoceptive and Intersubjective Awareness
  • Heart-Mind of Interbeing and Social Resilience
  1. Earth Conscious Living & Cycle of Resilience

  • Reconnecting with Earth through the Body
  • Reconnecting with Earth through the Heart
  • Joining Heaven and Earth
  • Shambhala Heart Warriors Protecting the Earth
  • Taking Action: Shame and Blame Free Individual & Collective Action


In addition to the recordings, there will be a live session with Fleet Maull on Saturday, January 21st, 2023, at 1 PM Eastern time.

Teachers and Faculty

Fleet Maull, PhD, has been a Shambhala practitioner for more than 40 years. He leads Shambhala programs and retreats throughout North America, Europe and Latin America. Fleet is also a Roshi (senior lineage teacher) in the Zen Peacemaker and Soto Zen lineages. He is a consultant, executive coach, an internationally renowned social activist and founder of numerous engaged organizations including Prison Mindfulness Institute, Engaged Mindfulness Institute, Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety and the National Prison Hospice Association. He is the author of Dharma in Hell, The Prison Writings of Fleet Maull and Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good.

Individual: $108
Patron: $149 The Patron rate helps us offer our generosity policy to those in need.
Centers: $449
Groups: $349