Some questions and answers for the last week of class

I have had a few questions I thought others might be asking, so I will post them here:

1. Class ending on June 10 means the class is actively done, but you can still access the class for awhile after. I’ll respond until July 1 if you post.

2. If there are things you want to copy over from your writing or my assignments, I’d say copy and paste (scrolling over the text and right clicking to copy, then pasting into word or a document program) would be best best for saving.

3. As for writing programs, I will offer likely both another Memoir class and also a Write Now class in the fall. They will be much simpler – more based on live meetings, and less on forums, since fewer folks seem to engage there. Sign up for my mailing list at or Shambhala Online will send out word about it. I also work with students one-on-one to help coach manuscripts, as well as keep weekly accountability support. Contact me personally if you would be interested.

4. Please make sure to fill out the feedback in Module 4. Super helpful!

Thanks, all!