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Optional Umdze Support: Chants recorded at Karmê Chöling

These can be used as support when you are chanting alone as an online umdze. Offered here are the Shambhala Center daily chants. Others will be available soon.

Morning Chants:
Proclamation of Goodness and Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage
Protector and Evening Chants:
Shambhala Protector Chant
Supplication for the Longevity of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Fulfilling the Aspirations
Shambhala Dedication of Merit

Guided Practice

In this section, the Rupa Acharya walks us through the liturgy, clarifying the structure and offering suggestions about pacing. This is followed by a practice session.


Module Numbering

Please note that the first module in the course is the Intro and Orientation, and the first content module is Module 2. When Dr. Barstow mentions a module in the video, add 1 to it and you’ll be able to find it. Sorry for the inconvenience — the software won’t allow a module zero or an un-numbered one.

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Holding Grief with an Open Heart, Sunday, Dec. 4th at 6:30pm (ET)

Climate Change and environmental breakdown “over-reach” is much more evident now than it was even a few years ago. We hear about and experience the effects of more severe climate events, and we are all challenged to adjust to changing realities. 

In the face of such large challenges, it is common to shut down, get numb, feel overwhelmed and helpless. Acknowledging grief about the changes and losses can free us up to engage in the actions we can take as individuals and collectively. 

Grief has been spoken of as an “initiation” that can transform us and enhance our path to awakening. It is also not meant to be done alone. Communal grief rituals have been practiced in all cultures for support with processing grief.

A monthly group called “Holding Grief with an Open Heart” was created to offer a safe place to go deeper with sharing grief in community. Email [email protected]  for information on how to join. Meetings occur the first Sunday of the month at 6:30 pm Eastern time.