Vajrayogini Series 1 - Talk 3

Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Teacher : Larry Mermelstein
Price per person: $25.00

Kagyu / Nyingma Vajrayana Practice talks are offered every month. Participation with your centre or group is recommended, however, individuals are also welcome to attend.

"Exertion and the Avadhuti Yogin"

This is the third session of a 3-part series based on the first Vajrayogini ATS in 1980. Each session includes listening to an audio recording, followed by a discussion and Q&A. Participants were asked to bring along any other questions or topics for discussion regarding Vajrayogini practice. The talk was used as the main focus.

PREREQUISITE: Vajrayogini Abhisheka.

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REGISTRATION FEE: $25 per person. To inquire about our generosity policy, write to [email protected]

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TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: A computer with a wired, high-speed internet connection.

Recordings are made over the internet. Their quality cannot be guaranteed.