Mindful Eating: Joining Heaven and Earth at the Meal Table - September 2015

Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Sunday, November 15, 2015
Teacher : Marcella Friel
Price per person: $125.
Patron Price: $150

If you think of mindful eating as chewing on a single raisin for hours on end, think again. Exploring food with Marcella is anything but a chore or a bore.

This course brings together cross-cultural spiritual teachings and cutting-edge research (heaven), practical tools (earth), and group support (human) to experientially transform food from a means of survival into an expression of personal dignity and enlightened society.

This class will not only enrich your spiritual and intellectual understanding of mindful eating; it will give you simple, effective practices for resolving the unconscious behaviors that sabotage your relationship with food, so that you can effortlessly join the view and practice of eating properly at meal time. For a sneak preview, see this free introductory talk by Marcella. 

An Invitation from Marcella

About the Teacher

In 1994, MARCELLA FRIEL escaped the Bay Area book-publishing scene to cook for 16 cloistered meditators at Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. After a monk commented that cooking was her right livelihood, Marcella began her odyssey to learn and teach healing with natural foods.

In 1998 Marcella attended the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City on a partial scholarship from the International Association of Culinary Professionals and while living in New York developed and ran two nonprofit programs to teach whole-foods cooking skills to low-income adults and children at risk of hunger. 

Years later, back in California, Marcella ran the kitchen at Spirit Rock Mediation Center in West Marin County. She also taught fledgling chefs the theories and practices of natural foods cooking at Bauman College’s Natural Chef Program from 2005 to 2013.

A student of the Shambhala teachings since 1987 and a teacher since 1996, Marcella has taught mindful eating in the context of oryoki practice at Warrior Assembly and Summer Dathün programs.

Marcella currently runs Tapping with Marcella, a food and body image coaching practice that uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help health-conscious adults love and forgive themselves, their food, and their figure. Learn more at tappingwithmarcella.com.

About Our Courses

The online courses feature a senior Shambhala teacher, an online community of participants, and facilitation by an experienced course leader. Over 6 to 8 weeks, course participants view recorded teachings, then gather in the online learning environment to discuss, contemplate and engage in exercises aimed at deepening their understanding.

When Does the Class Meet?

The course is asynchronous. You may view the recorded talks at your convenience. The recommended schedule is to view one talk each week and complete the associated readings and exercises in the module. 

Please note that there will be at least one live session with Marcella at a date to be determined.  

How Much Time Does it Take?

Most participants spend 2 to 3 hours per week on our courses. The talks average 45 minutes in length. Allow yourself time to do the readings, meditation practices and other assignments. It’s a good idea to schedule the time on your calendar as you would for a face-to-face class. 

Registration Options

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2) Regular Amount. The regular course rate of $125 applies 2 weeks prior to the start date. Registration closes 3 days prior to the start. 

3) Patron. The Patron rate of $150 supports our efforts to connect teachers and learners through online programs. In particular, it helps us offer the generosity policy to those in need.

4) Generosity Policy. Contact [email protected] to request financial support through a partial scholarship. We want to make the teachings available to all and will work with you to ensure your participation.

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