Creating Enlightened Healthcare

Date: Friday, September 29, 2017 (21:00 -23:00)
Saturday, September 30, 2017 (11:00 -20:00)
Teacher : Acharya Mitchell Levy
Coordinator: Ira Abrams
Contact person: Ira Abrams
Price per person: $25.00
Patron Price: $75.00
Price for Centers: $75.00
Price for Groups: $50.00

Online Gathering for Ministry of Health for the Kingdom of Shambhala: Creating Enlightened Healthcare

Hosting Team:  Acharya Mitchell Levy, Mark Allen, Wendy Anderson, Sarah Kimball, Marguerite Drescher

Join us for the online sessions of the inaugural gathering of the Shambhala Healthcare community. Through selected talks from the Ministry of Health program in Chicago, as well as live online discussions, remote participants will be able to be present and to contribute as we contemplate several seminal questions that lie at the nexus of Shambhala healthcare:
  • Who and what consitutes the Shambhala healthcare community?
  • How do the Shambhala teachings and path inform our ideas and practice of healthcare?
  • What would we offer if we were to design and manage a healthcare system based on unconditional health? 
This dialogue-centered gathering is the beginning of an attempt to respond, as a community, to these vital questions. We will provide suppport and resources for online participants to watch several videos, hold local discussions, and contribute responses through live interaction with the program facilitated chat groups.

The full weekend schedule is below (subject to change). Sessions that will be available online are in bold and labelled ONLINE. These three sessions will be broadcast live and available as recordings for later viewing at your convenience. For all other sessions, we will be suggesting group discussions and activities for you to participate in, either with a local group or with an online chat group (though the ZOOM online meeting platform) throughout the day.

*Schedule times are Central Daylight Time (GMT + 5 hours)*
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Friday Night

7:00 PM

Opening Talk and Introductions   (ONLINE)
Will be recorded and available by Saturday morning for groups who plan to meet on Saturday

9:00 PM



9:00 AM 

Opening Talk and Practice “Unconditional Healthiness”   (ONLINE)

10:00 AM

Group dialogue

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Listening Groups: Experience of working in health field

12:30 PM


2:00 PM

Structures and Systems Introduction and Open Space Conversations   (ONLINE)

5:00 PM

Collecting Sense-making   (ONLINE)

6:00 PM


More information on the in person program at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Chicago is at:

Let us know in the registration comments section whether you plan to participate alone or with a group; view live or later.

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