World Of Gesar

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Access to this course opens on December 4, 2021

First Live Event:
Saturday, December 11th, 2021 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

Join us for a discussion with Larry MermelsteinJane Hawes and David Shapiro.

There are no required readings for the course. Suggested readings and links to selected enrichment materials will be offered throughout the course. 

About This Course:
In 1992 and 1999, Dr. Robin Kornman held intensive retreats at Karmê Chöling which explored the Shambhala practices and teachings related to the Epic of Gesar. Each talk was an enriching journey and a dazzling display of Dr.Kornman’s vast knowledge, humor, and profound insight. 

This course is drawn from six of the talks in those retreats. Along the way, Dr.Kornman will answer the following questions: 
-Who was Gesar of Ling? 
-Was Gesar a ‘Buddhist’ figure? 
-Why did Trungpa Rinpoche dedicate Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior to Gesar of Ling?
-What, exactly, are ‘Dralas’ and how do our practices connect us to them?
-What are the historical sources of Trungpa Rinpoche’s terma and teachings on Warrriorship?

Robin Kornman also offers expansive line-by-line commentaries on practices such as ‘The Invocation for Raising Windhorse’ and ‘Warrior Song of Drala’ lhasang chants. 

Each audio talk is accompanied by an extensive ‘slideshow’ illustrating the lineage figures, themes and practice texts covered. 

These will be accompanied by supplemental essays by Dr. Kornman as well as the opportunity to engage in discussions with live teachers and other participants.

Our distinguished panel of presenters have a long connection with Robin Kornman, the art and craft of translation and the Gesar epic. This lively conversation will help you connect with Robin Kornman as a teacher, hear more about how the Gesar Epic arises in the Shambhala tradition, and more. All of which will prepare us for the journey ahead!


1. LIVE Sessions: 

Kickoff Live Zoom Conversation with Larry Mermelstein, Jane Hawes and David Shapiro Saturday, Dec. 11th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/2pm Atlantic

Peer-Led Zoom ‘Study Session’ 1: Saturday, January 29th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/2pm Atlantic

Peer-Led Zoom ‘Study Session’ 2: Saturday, March 5th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/2pm Atlantic

Concluding Live Practice and Discussion Session: Saturday, May 14th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/2pm Atlantic

1-2 additional Live, Teacher-led sessions will be announced in December. Stay Tuned!

2.  Robin Kornman Recorded Talks 

Introduction – Welcome, Course Intro and Recorded Talk 1: “Meditation” – Available December 4th

Talk 1 – Padmasambhava and the Background of Gesar – Available Saturday, December 11th

Talk 2 – Sources of Gesar: Mipham, Epic as Myth, Court Poetry, Local Deities, Bön Tradition. – Available January 8th

Talk 3 – The Sacred Warrior. Enlightened Society. – Available February 5th

Talk 4 – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Warriorship in our World, Rakshasas. – Available March 5th

 *Bonus Talk: Short Commentary on Warrior Song of Drala * – Available March 5th

Talk 5 – Invocation for Raising Windhorse * – Available April 2nd

Talk 6 – Full Discussion of ‘Warrior Song of Drala’ * – Available May 7th

*Note: Chant texts are shared in the slideshow. You do not need to have paper copies to follow the discussion.


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