Center or Group Shambhala Account

Set up a Shambhala Account for your Center or Group by creating a profile in the Shambhala Database. Please ask your database administrator to follow these steps:

• Make the First Name “Shambhala” and the Last Name your center name. (e.g., Shambhala Dechen Choling)
• Select Non-member
• Set “Invisible” (In “Edit”, see option near top left next to “Hide”. This means it won’t show up in members view.)
• Use a real email address that someone is responsible for, that can be accessed by others if needed. We recommend a “position” email (such as Director or P&E) that can be passed along when positions turn over. For example: P&[email protected]
• Put a note in the note field that says what this record is and who in your centre is responsible for it.