Growing Brave Online Series


Thank you for participating in this series of talks on Families and Children in Shambhala. This page has the recordings from the talks in this series.  Visit the Families and Children Hub for more information or the October 2017 Growing Brave Conference page.

The View • Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel • March 4

Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel talks about the view of families and children in Shambhala, and describes the central role of the family in building a good human society. Note:  a 15-minute break-out session occurred; the recording includes only the breakout with the host. 


What is Offered Now • Tracy Suchocki • April 1

Tracy Suchocki discusses the programs currently available in Shambhala for families and children. She shares several short videos from land centers, schools and city centers in Shambhala. Here are a few more videos about activities at several Shambhala Centers that we didn’t get to share during the program Northern California, Los Angeles, and New York.


Starting a Program • Laura Burnham • May 6

Laura Burnham talks about starting a program, sharing her experience in Los Angeles, and drawing on the videos shared by Northern California and New York.


Parenting as Path • Acharya David Schneider • June 3

Acharya David Schneider’s prerecorded talk is introduced by Andra Brill. Acharya Schneider speaks passionately on the path of parenting in Shambhala. Self proclaimed heretical ideas emerge! Enjoy this wonderful talk and practice session


Education of a Warrior • Steve Sachs • July 1

Steve Sachs from Alaya Preschool introduces us to a panel of educators working in Shambhala inspired Schools from across N.America and Santiago Chile! Watch a collection of brief video introductions to each of 6 schools. Then, panelists answer the question “What do you feel is the point of education and how does this purpose or vision manifest in what you do at your school?” Hear these inspired and passionate people speak of what is meaningful to them.


Shambhala Household • Wendy Freedman • August 5

Wendy Freedman, Minister for the Shambhala Office of Culture and Decorum joins us for a thoughtful and heartening look at families, children and our homes. For each of us, our household is the seat of our engagement with the world. Family life and our daily activities can be held as precious practice. Please join us for this rich discussion of ways to create Shambhala Household.


Families &  Children Live Discussion • Leslie Gossett • Sept 2

Join Leslie Gossett in conversation with a number of Families and Children core members regarding the upcoming conference and more.
Join us for Growing Brave: Shambhala Families & Children Conference at the Boulder Shambhala Center October 6-9, 2017



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