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Adventures in Bubbles and Brine:

Fermentation Gleanings from Nova Scotia Masters

with Phil Moscovitch



This is a particularly timely opportunity to learn more about the many ways of preserving and enhancing food with fermentation.  Phil will talk about the broad scope of preserving food using fermentation, what you can make, what the joys and pitfalls are, and then take questions and invite discussion.

Humans have been fermenting foods and drinks for thousands of years. Fermentation is one of the oldest ways to preserve and transform food, and many favorites — bread, cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and of course wine and beer — are products of fermentation.  Fermentation also provides a low-cost, low-tech, low-energy method of preserving food for months at a time.

In this session, author and fermentation enthusiast Philip Moscovitch will share stories of Nova Scotia fermentation traditions and discuss the basics of what fermentation is and how it works. There will also be lots of time for a Q&A session and discussion.  This is a salon. We look forward to your perspectives and experiences, too.

Philip Moscovitch is an independent writer and audio producer based in Nova Scotia. He is the author of Adventures in Bubbles and Brine, which Moosewood Cookbook author Mollie Katzen calls a ”beautifully written book – at once a travel memoir, a weave of personal histories, and an inspiring recipe collection.” Sandor Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation says the book is “a beautiful window into the culture of fermentation in Nova Scotia… With lots of practical how-to information and recipes, the book also explores much broader contexts.”

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The monthly Earth Salons are an initiative of the Touching the Earth Collective, and are curated and co-facilitated by David Wimberly and Deborah Luscomb, with occasional guest ‘experts’.

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“The consideration of where we are and what we are, on the spot, turns out to be very important. We are talking about a farming situation in some sense: how we are going to experience the land properly, the real land, the land that grows crops and the land on which animals are raised.

When we first wake up in our bedrooms, first thing in the morning, it would be so great if the first incense we smelled were either cow or horse manure or the smell of plants. We have to go back and experience how the earth works, rather than purely smelling our neighbor’s bacon cooking as soon as we wake up, and hearing taxicabs roaring and garbage trucks rumbling. We should all experience working on the land, literally and properly. That is the best way to wake ourselves up: smelling earth, actually experiencing good earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are a lot of problems that have come up because, since medieval times, the process of conquering the world has been based on conquering the earth
instead of touching ground, touching soil properly.”

From “Nowness,” a talk at the 1979 Kalapa Assembly.


The Earth Salon is intended to bring us together to explore the greater implications of our bodhisattva vow.  We hope to include guided practices, as well as guest speakers to focus on how our daily activities bind us or alienate us from the earth we share with all creatures.


How do we rouse our intention?  How do we move from intention to action?  How do we build resilience and appreciation?  How do we create a pathway for caring activity on this earth?


Together we will investigate these questions and more while looking at food & gardening, housing & construction, travel, clothing, energy, consumption, and many other areas that will undoubtedly arise during our conversations.


The Zoom meetings are free and open to all, but we do appreciate donations.
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