Touching Planet Earth: Our Oceanic Heritage With Cynthia Moku-October 23


Photo credit Holly Duane © 


Addressing current issues on the climate changing, with knowledge being offered to the world from both ancestral traditions of Polynesian ocean culture and current science & innovation technologies. How these topics interface with and can inform us through art & meditation practices.

Since late 2019, Cynthia Moku has been fully engaged in creating a 15’ length triptych, which will be installed in Hawaii at the Grace Learning Center for regenerative agriculture and inspired Polynesian culture & sacred arts. The Gestures of Engagement (GET) artwork is based on her past two years of studio creative work including, an artist-residency in Hawaii with research in humanistic & social-scientific disciplines of the Pacific Oceanic Nation, and meditation retreat.

In opening our zoom meet, Cynthia will take us through a visual journey with the GET paintings and the land & ocean environs of Hawaii. Followed by a group conversation during which we can go further into topics presented in the keynote talk, such as; stewardship rather than ownership of land, celestial navigation & voyaging principles, benevolent & sustainable farming practices, plant intelligence & regenerative agricultural techniques, art & ritual that acknowledge magic & mystery, and ardent transformative cultural activism.

At the core of each of these disciplines is an affirmation, encouraging a stable development towards the cultivation of individual awareness coupled equally with purposeful intent for mutual awakening. 

Saturday, October 23 at 2:00 pm (Eastern)
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