Shambhala Lineage Supplication: A Short Course

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This course is pre-recorded and can be viewed at any time. 

The Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage

This three-part course is for individuals and groups wishing to look more deeply at the Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage, one of the most important chants in the Shambhala tradition. The course summarizes key points in the chant and is presented for both new and seasoned students. There will be a page dedicated to discussion of the class material on Shambhala Online.

Each class is about one hour and ten minutes long. There are no class assignments other than to do the Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage.

Class One: The Rigden and The First Line
Part One: General Introduction, Course Outline
Part Two: The Time When the Chant was Composed, The Title
Part Three: The Structure of the Supplication
Part Four: The First Line, The Rigden, Basic Goodness

Class Two: The First Stanza
Part One: Samantabhadra and the Ancient Lineage of the Nyingma
Part Two: Vajradhara and the Command Lineage of the Kagyu
Part Three: Padmakara
Part Four: Yeshe Tsogyal, The Terma Lineage of the Nyingma
Part Five: The Kama Lineage of the Nyingma, Prahevajra and Shri Simha
Part Six: The Kagyü Lineage, Tilo, Naro, Marpa, and Mila
Part Seven: Concluding Remarks

Class Three: The Second, Third, and Fourth Stanzas, and Colophon
Part One: The Dharmarajas and Rigdens of Shambhala
Part Two: Gesar Norbu Dradül, The Sakyong
Part Three: Ashe, The Drala Lineage of Mukpo
Part Four: The Fourth Stanza
Part Five: The Colophon, Final Remarks

About the Teacher


Walker Blaine is Master of Liturgies to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. He has been part of the Shambhala community for more than 30 years and studied intensively with Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche. Walker’s ebook, The Great River of Blessings an account of the Rinchen Terdzö received by the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in the winter of 2008-2009, can be downloaded at the Sakyong Foundation. His two CDs of Buddhist music can be sampled on iTunes and at Walker lives with his wife Patricia in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



About Our Courses

Our online courses are designed for those who don’t live near a Shambhala Center, or who need a particular course in order to continue on the path. Each course features a senior Shambhala teacher, an online community of participants, and facilitation by an experienced course leader. Over several weeks, course participants view recorded teachings, then gather in the online learning environment to discuss, contemplate and engage in exercises aimed at deepening their understanding.

When Does the Class Meet?

You may view the recorded talks at your convenience. The recommended schedule is to view one talk each week and to chant the Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage. There are 3 talks.
How Much Time Does it Take?

The talk sections are about 20 minutes in length and can be viewed as a unit, for about 60 to 70 minutes in total.

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